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To Him

This kind of lover

"God wants lovers. Oh, how tepid is the love of so many who themselves by His name. How tepid is our own - my own - in comparison with the lava fires of his eternal love. I pray that you may be an ardent lover, the kind of lover who sets others on fire"

— Amy Carmichael 

Oh gracious one,

I pray that our wells will run deep.

blessed is the Lord, for He is my steadfast love.

who provides but you?

Lord, you sustain me.

Oh Lord,

How I long for the day we are reunited once again.

To live


And Lord, I am not my own.

My successes, my future, and my thoughts are not my own.

It is yours.

Everything that I own, that I love, that I tend to and work for, is yours.

NOTHING is for my gain, unless it is the death of me and the exaltation of you.

My student cancelled our session..

so, I finally have the time to write the verse that has been on my heart for the past week.

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law" — Romans 13:8

Pretty convicting as it is.. BUT YOU KNOW

The word “debt” not only means to owe or to repay, but It also means a feeling of gratitude for a service or favor. And we all know and believe (or so I hope) that we love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19), but when we love one another, its not only an action done as an expression of the love we have for the lord, but it is an action and expression of thankfulness and gratitude to Christ and a reminder of the cross.

So, Lord I pray, that your people may love out of their thankfulness for You and the cross. I pray, that our lives may be an endless thanksgiving and a ceaseless expression of gratitude.


I thank you Lord that you minister outside the four walls of the church.

You follow and bless.

You follow and heal.

You pursue and give.

You come and listen.

For those that know me, I really really really enjoy nature and being outside and I finally know why. I mean, I enjoy it because its beautiful and it provides an escape from the normality of life—being trapped by 4 walls throughout the day is brutal for me. I enjoy the freshness in the air, despite the pollution and smog. I like it just feels good. To be honest, the list can go on, but i finally found the real underlying reason for it all. 

I was sitting in my car today after I got out of class an hour early (hallelujah) and I parked right next to my house. Obviously I had the windows down and had music on, pretty much asking for the Lord to speak to me ahah. And as I sat there for about half an hour, i received so much inner healing. It was at that moment where I finally felt whole and complete from the past two weeks of my life. I felt so cared for by such a great God. I felt important and significant, seen.

I’ve come to realize that I experience God through nature.

Not in the cliche way where I end up saying, “wow god is a beautiful painter”; “wow, he is so creative”; “wow God is so big and im so small”..ahaha I actually cant help but to laugh at those comments. All of these attributes are so true about God, but I experience not parts of his character, rather, Him in his fullness. I experience Him, not characteristics of Him.

feel Him in the wind.

feel Him through the sunlight.

hear Him in the silence.

see Him in the vastness.

but boy, do I feel him. We must remember that the love of God is a tangible love. Its inconceivable but completely tangible. It’s so transcendent, but so familiar. I feel Him. I feel his grace over me and I feel his comfort next to me.

I feel His intimacy and his pursuit.

I feel His longing for me and I know He feels mine.

I sound like a hippie.

and how is it so that it is only because of your blood that drives me to continue to pursue

and to pursue desperately.

how can one act leave an imprint like this.

Cinco de Mayo

Today marks the 1 year of my baptism.

And I bet you are all expecting a grandiose post of how far I’ve come and how so much has happened within this year, but I will not. Yes, a lot has been learned and has happened this past year and God has been pouring out blessings upon blessings, but today, I struggle. This week, the past two weeks, I have struggled.

HAHA, MAN I STRUGGLE SO MUCH. Countless times I am defeated by my flesh; my mind can’t help but to succumb to my selfishness and my body can’t help but to be impacted by circumstances, people, and words. And at this moment, I feel so weak. I feel so incapable; I feel so foolish. 

That’s where I am.

but, I will choose to boast in my weaknesses for it is in my weakness where He is made strong. It is in my weakness where He is made known, for I have been hidden in Christ. I choose to boast in my weaknesses because it is then, where all of my depravity can only point to his’s In my weakness, where his strength is glorified. Its in my incapability where his sovereignty and might is made known. Its in my foolishness where His grace and mercy is lifted high. And that’s why I will choose to rejoice in my suffering, because its not about me. Its about the King. Its about my Dad. Its about my Lord.

So God, I come to you in all my depravity, in all my iniquities, thanking you that you still choose to move in me in the midst of them. Your grace overwhelms me, Oh Lord. I thank you that in the middle of my weakness and my fear, You will still be glorified. Your glorification is not contingent upon me! Your holiness is not dependent on me! You will be lifted High and everyone will cry out “Hosanna, Hosanna” at the sight of you God. God that’s all that I desire. I just want my life to be satisfying to You and to be an act of worship for You. I desire God to live a life that is worthy of praising a name like yours. So God, allow me to continue to be hidden in you. Use me in all ways. Use me in my weariness. Use me in my blindness Lord. Use me in my weakness God. My soul’s desire is for there to be more of you. I choose to go through it all for you Lord, for there is no one else like You. Even through this week, this day God..I will choose to go through it for you. Cause I know that struggling with you is better than struggling without you; and I know that struggling for you is better than struggling for man. God you are enough. You are more than enough for me today. You were enough yesterday, You are enough today and You will be enough tomorrow.

Anonymous: Reading your blog is very refreshing. I want to be best friends with you.

HAHA, wow.

i accept that offer. This actually really encouraged me. Thanks brotha, or sista, or motha or fatha…or stranga